Long Range Tactical 3 Gun Match 11-28-15

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This Long Range Tactical 3 Gun Match will test the skill of the shooter with 3 different firearms at ranges from approximately 150 yds to 1150 yds.

Match Final Scores:

First Place: RICH MARTINEAU (69)

Second Place: LEN MORGAN (60)

Third Place: LAYNE WRAY (52)

Fourth Place: SHEPARD HUMPHRIES (40)

Fifth Place: BLAKE JENSEN (37)

Sixth Place: BRIAN PRAX (27)

Seventh Place: KEVIN KOODA (25)

Eighth Place: KEVEN BUTLER (25)

Ninth Place: BEN JENSEN (10)

Tenth Place: ELDEN DALLEY (5)

Turkey Shoot Winner was LAYNE WRAY


RIFLES  will be:

  •  223 AR with 20″ or less barrel (Group A)
  • 308 class rifle (Group B)
  • Magnum rifle (Group C)

You may shoot UP with any rifle. (I.E.  you may shoot the 223 AR type rifle in the 308 class)  You can use a spotting scope, shooting mat, bipods and sand bags.  No gizmos.

AMMO  The shooter will be allowed 25 rounds total.  Each gun will have 5 targets for a total of 15.

TARGETS will be 6 rectangular and  5 E sils.

The target dimensions will be:  4″X6″, 6″X8″, 8″X12″, 10″X15″, 12″X18″, 19.5″X24″ and 20″X40″ (e sil)

CONDUCT OF: Long Range Tactical 3 Gun Match

There will be two shooters on the line.  Shooters will move all equipment to the line.  There will be a 5 min period during which shooters may range the targets and develop a range card.

The shooting period will be 15 min.

Target group A will be fired at with the 223 AR type rifle.  They will consist of the rectangle targets 4″X6″ through 12″X18″.

Target group B will be fired on with the 308 class rifle.  They will consist of rectangle target 8″X12″, 10″X15″, 12″X18″, 19.5″X24″ and the first E sil.

Target group C will be fired on by the magnum class rifle.  They will consist of the 5 E sils.

The shooter MUST declare how the ammo will be dispersed before firing starts.  I.E.  6 rounds for target group A, 12 rounds for target group B, and 7 rounds for target group C.  Shooters must fire at least 1 round at each target in the target group.

A 1 point FTN penalty will be accessed for each target not hit. Each shooter will have a scorer.  It will be the shooters responsibility to ensure the spotter knows what target you are shooting at and when you are  shooting.  You may start at the nearest target in any target group with the proper rifle.


  • Targets in target group A will be worth 1 thru  5 points.
  • Targets in group B will be worth 4 thru 8 points.
  • Targets in group C will be worth 6 thru 10 points.

All targets must be engaged with at least 1 round.  A 2 point FTN will be accessed for any target not hit.

Any allotted rounds the shooter has left after HITTING ALL targets will be given points equal to the lowest score in their ammo group.  I.E.  If you have 2 AR rounds left after hitting all the targets in that group you will receive 1 point each for the remaining rounds.

Also, if you have rounds left after hitting all the targets in that group you may use them on any targets not hit in a higher group.  I.E.  If you allotted 7 rounds to shoot in the 308 class rifle at  targets in group B but you hit all the targets with 5 rounds, you fire your remaining 2 rounds at targets in group C IF you ran out of mag class ammo before engaging all 5 targets.

Questions???? Ask them.  “It is not as complicated as it seems.” -Elden



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