Your project is unique and our pricing is based on many variables including opportunity costs, time, expertise required, urgency of action, current affairs, travel and more.  We look forward to providing you with an estimate.

  • In many cases, our rates and quality are higher than other local security services, however we encourage you to include us in your research, even if we are not the “right fit” we hope to help you hone in on your search.
  • 50% non-refundable deposit required upon project acceptance.
  • Generally $275/hr for consultation and training in JH with a 4-hour minimum charge when booked at least 7 days in advance.
  • Depending on the scope of the project, cancellation policy varies from 72 hours to 6 months.
  • *We do not maintain insurance, and the time and cost of securing new policies specific to each project generally means we are best utilized for long-term assignments.

 Safety & security consultation for families of great worth

We are a small specialty Jackson Hole private security firm and look forward to helping you find a perfect family safety solution! Sometimes we discover a better fit is with one of the other excellent local security companies in Jackson, Wyoming. 

Our rates are lower than some but higher than most, and we appreciate that you will compare our quality and pricing with other Jackson Hole security providers and we trust that you see our value.

Jackson Hole Security Consultant Pricing

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