Rexburg Long Range Shooting

At the Unified Sportsman’s Club, Rexburg, ID

Rexburg’s USC Range 1,000 yard, Palma, High Power and other matches and practice sessions are organized by David Crandall, Ben Jensen & Kari Frisbee.  Contact me for their contact information.

Rexburg Long Range Tactical Matches

Rexburg Tactical Long Range Precision Rifle MatchesRexburg’s USC Tactical matches are organized by Elden D.  Many thanks to him for volunteering his time to put on these events!  For questions not answered below, contact Elden for more information. Elden email

NOTE: This webpage is provided by Wyoming Firearms Training firm: Jackson Hole Shooting as a courtesy and the match director is not responsible for this page’s content.  Contact above match director for more information.

Some basics about these matches include:

  • You may not use anything with batteries… including range finders.  Yes, we are “old school.”   No “gizmos.”
  • If you plan to talk politics, please bring $100 for the “Target Fund” donation jar for every minute you spend talking about it, even if we agree.
  • These matches are a great time to hone your skills ranging with your scope reticle out to 1100 yards.  
  • We welcome new shooters that bring humble, thoughtful & cheerful attitudes and are eager to learn, teach and compete.
  • Learn to move quickly, because most stages are timed!  
  • This is one of only a few places in the US that has this type of match.  The skill of ranging without a reticule and reading wind without a Kestrel is often talked about, and most professional snipers say they know it, but few shooters demonstrate proficiency.  If your range estimation is wrong by 20 yards at 1,000 yards – you miss the target.

    2020 Schedule: HERE

Shepard Humphries
Shepard Humphries

This web resource is provided by Rev. Shepard “Doc” Humphries, who enjoys competing with the Rexburg crew and is way better at teaching long range shooting than winning matches.  “Those that can; do.  Those that can’t …..”