Safety & security consultation for
families of great worth


Shepard Security Solutions assists progressive organizations and high net worth families in risk management and security consultation in  Jackson Hole Wyoming and beyond as clients beckon. What do you value most?  Have you adequately planned for their / its protection? We are a small firm, and specialize in discreet personal service.  From training you and your family to “Be Your Own Bodyguard” to home, business and lifestyle risk assessments followed by recommendations and implementation to immediate threats or concerns, we stand ready to quietly help you, those you love and your property have a lowered risk of injury.  We look forward to assisting with your security needs in Jackson Hole and beyond.

Residential Hardening & Safe Rooms

Shepard Security Solutions has partnered with Rock Solid Rooms & Spaces (RSRS), a specialty firm based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  RSRS is a consultation, design & build  organization that uses their many years of combined experience to access their client’s individual safety and security needs, then designs unique home features with an eye on security, both new construction and renovations.  If you have valuable property or persons in your home, we look forward to helping improve their safety through progressive design both interior and exterior, from hidden compartments and armored walls to panic rooms and much more.

Security Services

Shepard Security Solutions provides progressive organizations and high net worth families with premier security services in the Jackson Hole Wyoming area and beyond as clients beckon.  We do not do “electronic” services.

Active Shooter Training

People interested in preparing to counter a violent attack are wise to not only own proper tools and master their use in a static environment, but also to attend Active Shooter Training that will keep them alive in a violent encounter.

What is YOUR unique situation?  Are you a school administrator, a pastor, a business owner or perhaps a person responsible for your families’ protection?

Whether you require 4 hours of consultation and instruction at your home for your family in personal and home protection, a seminar for your corporate group, a full day of advanced edged weapon defense training sure to leave you bruised and sore or training in the many other areas of defensive specialization, we stand ready with our cadre of experts to deliver fun, meaningful, practical training.

We stand ready to assist government, private and home school administration, teachers & staff in Active Shooter Training to develop skill-sets that will increase their chances of surviving a violent attack.  In the early 2000’s, Greg Crane and Shepard Humphries were the only public proponents of countering a violent attack with greater violence in a school or other public settings.  Today, it is regarded as “common sense.”  We look forward to working with you to make YOUR facilities and the people in them safer.

Executive Protection Services & Training

Top executives and their families are more at risk today than ever before and as our world and nation’s economic & social situation deteriorates, we will become even more unsafe. Shepard Security Solutions can evaluate that risk and work closely with your family and/or top executives to provide the peace of mind that accompanies professional executive protection. Our agents are professional, both in performance and appearance, and perform low to moderate risk protective operations in a discreet manner. Because of our familiarity with the Jackson Hole area, connections with emergency services and relationships with local businesses and services, we are available to provide logistical support for visiting EP teams including site assessments, route planning, reservations and other advance duties and can perform driving and protective services upon your principal’s arrival. We also provide firearms and “prepper” training for the EP professional.


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