Jackson Hole Security Services

What Jackson Hole security services are available in 2020? Fortunately, from low-level security to high level executive protection, Teton County Wyoming has many security solutions available from a variety of companies, both cheap and expensive.

Forward thinking family leaders recognize and appreciate that uncertainty exists in the world. They take steps to keep their family, their home and their other assets safe. Electronic security, as required by many insurance companies, is an excellent step. It is easy, inexpensive and of some use.

Jackson Hole Security Services

Other Jackson Hole security services go beyond an electronic alarm system though. From having a shared gate guard, a high-end protection K9, a safe room or enhanced residential neighborhood security patrols to 24/7 Executive Protection (EP), every family must evaluate their risk preferences.

Shepard Security Solutions helps with this risk assessment and provide not only recommendations, but also assists with implementation. 

Of the various security services, which are even necessary? How much is too much and how much is too little? This is different for every family, though some things remain the same. Basic learned from preparedness are solutions to fundamental human needs. Having a way to provide your family with water, shelter, protection and food are the foundation.

As we examine each of these basics though, we face questions of quantity and importance. For example, how much water? Five years worth or one week’s worth? Should it be stored in a bunker, should a hand cart be kept handy to haul buckets of water from the nearby creek? How many Big Berkey systems should you have? What is your budget? Most of our clients can afford a few million a month, but is that necessary in Jackson Hole even amid the COVID-19 panic? We can advise, however your personal risk tolerance is what ultimately matters.

Some family leaders partner with their neighbors and share a dedicated 24/7 guard, others find that 8pm to 6am security patrols in Jackson Hole neighborhoods are sufficient. Some families are happy with public protection services combined with their electronic systems. Some families have a dedicated team of cross-trained protectors and service staff. Some families hire us to provide age and attitude-appropriate training to everyone in the family.

Security is a service that has a strange goal. Security consultants and providers hope that at the end of each contract term, their clients will feel that the last term’s expense was unnecessary. Lifeguard rings, air bags and security services are best when they are underappreciated.  Excellent prevention and preparation will hopefully result in this feeling. We hope and trust that our clients will retain us while concurrently believing we are probably unnecessary.

Shepard Humphries Jackson Hole Security Services
by Shepard Humphries