Executive Protection Pre-Advance Prep for Jackson Hole

I am writing to offer a bit of pre-advance knowledge for executive protection teams beginning internet research prior to doing an advance in Jackson Hole. Our town is very safe and there are not Paparazzi based in our area. Billionaires and celebrities alike walk the streets unmolested at all hours. Of course there is always the chance that a fan or enemy will recognize a principal, however most risk assessments result in describing Jackson Hole as very low risk aside from any specific threats unique to your principal.


There is only one Hospital in the area, however the emergency room has high quality equipment and emergency personnel with a doctor on duty 24/7. The local fire department is a volunteer department, however the emergency medical responders are “paid” EMTs and paramedics.  Directions to the hospital: Drive eastbound on Broadway from the Town Centre for about half a mile. You will see a stop sign at the intersection with Redmond Street, which is where you will take a left and then an immediate right into the emergency entrance.

At the opposite end of Broadway on the south side of Jackson where the city limit ends is a Smith’s grocery store shopping center and in the building closest to the intersection with traffic lights is a small clinic affiliated with St. John.  Urgent Care is open during regular business hours and is perfect for sprained ankles, a cough etc.  For sucking chest wounds and even broken legs, all the “cool” equipment it at the hospital on EAST Broadway.

Emerg-A-Care is a small clinic that is open during regular business hours and is perfect for sprained ankles, a cough etc.  For sucking chest wounds and even broken legs, all the “cool” equipment it at the hospital on EAST Broadway.

Google Maps to all three Jackson locations

The nearest Level II Trauma Center (EIRMC) is in Idaho about 100 miles away.  St. John’s Hospital is professional and competent in dealing with emergency medical flights and coordination with EIRMC.


The only big building in Jackson Hole that your principal is likely to visit is Four Seasons Resort (the largest building in Wyoming).  The security staff there is professional and helpful and have always been gracious in giving me building tours during advance prep.  Aside from 4S, most building are small enough that the fire plan of, “get out the way you came in” is the best option.  I have had mixed results with restaurants allowing me back of house access during advances to seek secondary escape routes.


Your principal will likely visit the Jackson Town Square, parking is very difficult to find so advance planning will be necessary if they require close protection. You are not likely to find two parking spaces near each other.  There are only 2 One-Way street sections in Jackson, one on the town square’s Deloney St. between Cache & Center (E/B only) and the 2nd to the West on Glenwood St. between Broadway and Deloney (N/B Only).

The restaurant your principal will most likely frequent will be the Snake River Grill.  It is accessible via Broadway (busy traffic and many pedestrians) and the much quieter King Street.  Enter through the four white handrails.

If you enter from the Broadway side the below will be your access point.  Walking to the left of the building with green trim is best, but the right side gets you there as well.  Snake River Grill is behind the tan building with green trim in the middle of the pic.  The restaurant is on the second level and is accessible via two sets of outdoor stairs.  The West set is most accessible.  The second level “sidewalk” wraps around to a third set of stairs.  (See covered stairway at right of pic.)  Just inside the door is a greeting area, then a bar.  You have a 90% chance of being able to sit in the bar area out of sight of the dining room (Just in case it is -20*F outside!).


There are many other fine dining restaurants in Jackson Hole, however the Snake River grill seems to be a “must do.”

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