Condo for Sale FSBO Jackson Hole

Condo for Sale FSBO Jackson Hole

3 bedroom 2 bath Condo for sale in Jackson Hole in the Cache Creek Condo community near Simpson / Gros Ventre in East Jackson.  $458k.

This condo is a S/E corner unit with views of Snow King Mountain and Cache Creek Canyon.

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  • It is the only condo in the complex with three parking spaces.
  • Storage room in basement, approx 8′ x 10′
  • Owners are allowed to have doges – renters are not
  • Washer & dryer in basement bathroom as well as closet
  • 1 bedroom in basement, cool & quiet, closet is in the bathroom
  • Ground level enters into dining/kitchen area
  • Kitchen has fridge, dishwasher & stove.  Back of kitchen has door to basement.
  • Pantry is about 4′ x 2′ with shelves
  • Living room is to the left upon entry.  Corner of living room has stairway to upstairs.
  • Upstairs has a full bath
  • Upstairs has a small linen closet
  • Upstairs has a bedroom with an East-facing window and large closet (not-walk-in) and shelving
  • Upstairs has a bedroom with East & South-facing windows and two closets
  • Front yard has grass and a wooden area for a BBQ, ground floor windows have flower boxes
  • 2 blocks from government transportation (See town shuttle A)
  • 4.5 blocks from the town square
  • Buyer can speak with current owners regarding buying the condo furnished
  • Has been a renal property, speak with owners regarding current monthly rental income potential

We are pricing this Condo for Sale FSBO Jackson Hole at under market value for quick sale and because we are uninterested in doing repairs.  The condo is in great shape, but not perfect and the price reflects this.  See the bottom of page for a YouTube video walk through done a few years ago.

As you click on each of the below pics, notice that the URL describes what part of your condo the picture is showing.

Basement-bedroom-360-E-Simp Basement-Bedroom-360-E-Simp Basement-storage-room-360-E Dining-room-Kitchen-360-E-S Kitchen-and-Dining-room-fro Kitchen-with-front-door-to- Living-room-from-dining-roo Living-room-from-stairway-t Pantry-off-of-kitchen-360-E Upstairs-bathroom-360-E-Sim Upstairs-N-E-bedroom-360-E- Upstairs-NE-bedroom-360-E-S Upstairs-SE-bedroom-360-E-S Upstairs-SE-bedroom-view-lo Basement-Bathroom-360-E-Sim












We have the price set at $458k to move this awesome home quickly.  If you would like to negotiate, please consider our asking price $475k and then we can play the game and settle on $458k. 😉

Walk through of this condo for sale in Jackson Hole some years ago: