Our Goal

We specialize in helping individuals decrease physical risks of harm and assist in creating safer environments for our clients, the people they care about and their property.

Our Experience

We have worked or trained with a wide variety of acronym agencies.  More important that our inflated braggadocios resumes is the quality of service we provide.  We specialize in creative solutions that are provided in a discrete manner and are appropriate for our clients.  We now provide services exclusively in the private sector.

Husbands, wives and children have differing needs regarding safety, and we specialize in developing appropriate training and systems based on each individual’s uniqueness.  We believe that improving your safety does not have to be a scary chore, it can be a rewarding and empowering experience.

Management, Team & Friends

By age 35 our founder, Shepard Humphries, had the opportunity to assist at various levels with protection details for half of the world’s wealthiest 15 people, several US Presidents and other heads of State and provided Sniper support and training for the US Secret Service.  Now, retired from law enforcement (Investigations, Patrol, SWAT)  Shepard founded, owns and teaches at the Jackson Hole Shooting Experience, the international leader in luxury entertainment shooting along with his wife Lynn Sherwood, founder of High Caliber Women.  Shepard is pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities, and remains active in protective work for long-term clients, and occasionally their friends.

Shepard maintains relationships with many contractors and “friends” with a wide array of experience from both private and government sectors.

  • Need to learn to defend your home from an attacking mob?
  • Need the finest protection dog to protect your home and family?
  • Need a hidden safe built into your home for your valuable watch collection?
  • Need discrete personal protection training for your spouse and kids, delivered in an age appropriate manner?
  • Need a panic room for your family?
  • Does your visiting protection team need a local liaison “fixer?”
  • Need 24/7 security coverage at your estate?
  • Need to know what your needs really are?

We stand ready to assist, either directly or by connecting you with the right people.


  • Projects bid based on your specific needs.
  • General services generally $275/hr (4 hour minimum).
  • Daily Residential Security Checks begin at $6,800/mo.

Safety & security consultation for families of great worth

Jackson Wy Security Consultant