Ticketmaster FRAUD Phoenix-Theater

Well, I was “taken.” I am embarrassed. I am typically the guy who is fortunate enough to see rackets, frauds and scams. This time though, I got gotten!

I learned that Jordan Petersen was to speak in Phoenix on April 24th, 2022 while I was visiting the area. I followed the links from Phoenix-theater.com to make my $239.80 purchase of two tickets.

On April 22 I received an email saying that the event had NOT been cancelled, but had been “rescheduled” for a date in November. (7 months away) As I tried to get a refund (I don’t live in Phoenix) however I was given a story (See below) about re-sellers and that the event had not been cancelled, so I could not get a refund, but that I could sell the tickets on the secondary market. I didn’t have the time to study how to do this, so I am just writing off the $239.8 as an “educational” expense.

orders@mytheatreland.comSat, Apr 23, 12:01 PM (8 days ago)LOG
to me

“Hello Shepard,

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding order #43164671. 

We do appreciate that you took the time to get in contact with us today. I understand that you want to know if the event is cancelled. No worries, I will help you with this.

Please be advised that the event is not cancelled and it will happen on November 07, 2022 at 7:30 pm. I do apologize. As much as I love to provide you a refund or a credit. However, we can’t modify or provide a refund once an order is placed or once you already submitted the order. As a secondary market or resale market, we don’t hold the inventory of the tickets which means we enter into an agreement with the sellers and we can’t take back their sale. We can only provide a refund for the canceled events. We suggest reselling the tickets trough social media or website. You may simply google search for “sell my tickets” your chosen site will give you more instructions on how to resell the tickets on their website.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any other questions or concerns​.

Thank you.

George G.

Customer Support”

How does this racket work? Several ways. One is the delay in time. I will pretend for a moment that Jordan had actually been scheduled to speak in Phoenix. By “rescheduling” so far in advance, victims of this fraud are less likely to feel any urgency to follow up, and by the time they do, credit card companies ae no longer willing to cancel the charge. Had they pretended that the event was happening in just one weekend, people would be likely to dig into matters a bit and act quickly.

Secondly, the concept that the event was NOT cancelled, but only changed. This sly bit of slight of hand allows any changes to be made, and to call it a “change.” In other words, they could have just as easily said, “Your April 24, 2022 Jordan Petersen event has been changed to WrestleMania in 2036.”

Thirdly, the confusing and difficult way to do anything will prevent 95% of people from even trying. For $23,900 I would make the effort, but for less than $250? Nah. To reiterate, I am not sure that even the method they suggested would actually “do” anything any more than following their process to get Elvis tickets would make it happen.

Why is this fraud? As a reasonable person, buying tickets online for the first time, I was led to believe that I was exchanging my money for a thing of value. Once the scammers receive the money, they make the thing of value (if it ever even existed) so hard to get that they wind up with free money.

As many of you know, when I am messed-over, I spend the same amount of money that I lost by “making things right” warning other people. As I begin my SEO efforts and targeted marketing on social media of this issue, I will update this article as I learn more about this fraud.

Current amount that Ticketmaster could pay me to “make things right” so that I would stop my efforts warning people and add a portion explaining how they made things right to this article.
$239.80 for tickets
$275 for article writing
Total: $514.80