Fraud Alert – John McAfee – Your Order Confirmation

I received this fraudulent solicitation – don’t be fooled by it!

Dear Valued Member,K0IIGXVYA82MFPW
Thank you for remaining a part of our McAfee family.ZL5OQSWN5IU5XVB
JohnA McAfeeJ, the creator of McAfee antivirus software is no longer alive. McAfee holds a very strong reputation in the industry and as a good will gesture we are not willing to charge our customers this year for their auto renewal. This email is being sent to all the users whose auto renewal were not stopped and was charged by the automatic debit system. So you can call and intimate us and our team will do the needful to stop this charge without affecting the service.

Your McAfee LiveSafe Antivirus Protection & Internet Security has been set for renewal.50E7E2VQHD715JJ

Here is a summary for your upcoming auto-renewal of your McAfee antivirus.XPKHXQ0PFJLDXDI

Product Description IGVLE7NGNEKGQOD
Account Type : Personal Home Subscription94829BL55CTD4U3
Tenure : 3 years L0FVGMF3PV6ZI6R
Payment Mode : Auto Debit2EUXK4ZTMXEG80O
Product: McAfee LiveSafe GKFLE0CDIODJEBU
Upcoming Renewal Date: 29th July, 2021 GKFLE0CDIODJEBU
Order Total: $549.49QWE1DKCYJZYM1XC
Txn. Status: To be charged from Card or Banking credentials, saved on the server, as automatic debit.
Current Plan: 1 Year Subscription (Up to 3 Device)58I9T4Y97LZNXXQ

Your Personal Subscription with McAfee will expire today. The Subscription will be auto renewed. Hope your are happy with the services.
Your last subscription date was on 18th November, 2018ILYTGKMGH,J,
Your existing license number RFDC2H-XXXX (You can verify this license ID with the on call representative).GDHGDJYFJHFHVM

If you have any queries or would like to stop/cancel this renewal, please contact us at our support number anytime at 1 – (#$888$#) – (#$341$#) – (#$0933#$ ) , before the billing date.DGBHFDHBDFBHDFD

Team McAfeeGH