Private Security Training Event (CP-102020)

This 1-day training event is for a private protection company’s top-tier armed staff. 

October 24th 2020


Private ranch within 120 minutes of Jackson, Wy

The responsibility of protecting UHNWI and their physical assets is an awesome and solemn duty to those who contract to do so. If we train “soft” we will perform “soft.” This session will be very challenging from mentally to physically, stretching your skills and problem-solving capabilities. You will get scratched, bruised and maybe even get a twisted ankle.


This training is dynamic, and is not appropriate for mall security guards, average street cops or general enlisted military personnel. You must be in good physical condition, shoot thousands of rounds each year in various training and practice sessions etc. Participants must have their own health / accident insurance and must accept 100% of the risk. 

There are several tiers of this training. If you are not ready for “high speed low drag” we welcome you to attend and assist in other roles. You will still learn a lot! Contact N.M. for more information.


As few vehicles as possible, high ground clearance 4×4 strongly recommended

Dress for the weather, camo might be handy for at least one of the scenarios

Footwear with good ankle support

Plenty of water or sports drinks

Defensive handgun with 200 rounds of ammo and 2+ mags

Defensive long gun with 200 rounds non-steel penetrating ammo & 2+ mags

Ear protection and eye protection for shooting

Knee pads and elbow pads are optional

Whatever “kit” you would “run” on a real callout

A common problem with gear is “too much.” If you are surprised with an immediate action scenario, having 13 backpacks in matching tacticool black and pink camo with a bunch of gear is not helpful. On the other hand, it might be 20*F when we start and 80*F midday, or rainy or snowy. Consider packing your gear for this event just like you dress – in layers.



This will be a dynamic session, when certain scenarios call for complete disarming – all participants must disarm 100%, no loaded pocket pistols “just in case.”

We will have fun, AND this is serious. We will be using real edged weapons, real guns and bullets, real motor vehicles etc. 

Each participant must evaluate their own risk at every moment, and decline to participate in anything they are not willing to accept the risk of.

*Any participant that commits to attending this Private Security Training Event but cancels for any reason with less than 72 hours notice will be billed the $1,800/person course fee cost. Show up early, work hard, improve skills and the course cost is covered by CWP.

Jackson Hole Wyoming Security ExpertMany of the scenarios and much of the training will be led by Shepard Humphries.