Precision Rifle – Tactical Match

IMG_20150907_143756922 Rexburg Sep 7 2015 coach training (1)Unified Sportsman’s Club in Rexburg on Hwy 33

0800 Hours at the 1,000 yard line April 23, 2016

Saturday April 23rd’s match will begin with an unknown distance shoot with precision rifles.  Targets range from approximately 550 yards to -1250 yards.  As always, no electronic gizmos allowed… watch the mirage and sagebrush to guesstimate wind, and your reticle to guesstimate the distance.  Need help on how to do this?  We are a friendly crowd, just ask!

If it was easy, we would call it golf.” -Shepard Humphries

  • Target #1 is  12″X 18″. 
  • Target #2 is 22″X 24″. 
  • The rest are E sils    20″X 40″. 

There will be 8 targets.  Each shooter will fire, in turn.  First round hit is 10 points.  If you miss the first shot, you will fire a second shot.  A hit on the second shot scorers 5 points.  

When we finish with the long range match, we will shoot Match #2. 

USC MATCH #2 -2 General – Precision Rifle – Tactical Match

This match is an individual match in which shooters will fire both the PRECISION RIFLE and the TACTICAL RIFLE. There will also be 15 rounds fired from any center-fire pistol.


The PRECISION RIFLE will be fired from 500 yards to 200 yards. Any scope/rifle combination is acceptable. Any centerfire caliber except 50 cal. You will fire 6 rounds at one stage and 5 rounds at the others. The TACTICAL RIFLE will need be loaded with 10 rounds. The TACTICAL rifle may have iron sights or optical sights. Bipods are acceptable if they can fold up. No F Class type bipods.  Bipods may only be used in the prone position. You may use EXPEDIENT bags for support. (This is a TACTICAL match.)

You can use binoculars or spotting scopes. No wind meters, laser range finders.  Any  ammunition except TRACER or AP. Green tip 855 is ok.  A centerfire pistol/revolver will be required .

Targets and scoring.

The targets are NATO Figure 11 and Figure 12 targets. Walking targets are FIGURE 12, rifle snap and pistol snap target is a FIGURE 12.  The scoring rings on the Fig 11and Fig 12 targets are V, 5, 4 with the remainder of the target scored as 3.

(If you are not familiar with these targets – no worries, you will have a chance to look at them before shooting them.)

Conduct of the Match

500 yd (1) Precision Rifle 5 rounds Tactical rifle 10 rounds 0 sec TOTAL time

Shooters will have a 2 min Preparation period. No ammo loaded at this time. After 2 min., The shooter will be in his firing position and will load 5 rounds .(PRECISION RIFLE) The Tactical RIFLE may load a 10 round mag . When the targets appear, the shooter will engage the single Fig 11 target in the pits with 5 rounds. (Precision Rifle) When the shooter has fired 5 rounds, he will move to the Tactical Rifle, and engage 2 Fig 12 targets, with 5 rounds each, that are spaced in between the 500 yd berm and the 400 yard berm. They will be approximately 60yd and 90 yds. Any position except prone. There will be a block time of 70 sec. for both rifles.

500 yd (2) Shooters will repeat the above course of fire. 70 sec total time.


400 yd (1) total time 70 seconds 6 rounds precision 10 rounds tactical

Shooters will be given a 2 min preparation period. The 400 yd stage will progress just the same as the 500 yd stage except that the shooter will load no more than 4 rounds in the PRECISION RIFLE.  He may load the remaining rounds anytime after the first round is fired. He will fire 3 rounds each at a figure 12 and a figure 11 target raised from the pits. When the shooter has fired 6 shots with the precision rifle, he will engage the 2 fig 12 targets placed as in the 500yd stage with the Tactical rifle. Any position except prone.

400 (2) Repeat above.

300 yd Precision Rifle 5 rounds Tac Rifle 10 rounds. Any position. 80 seconds for both rifles.

The shooters will receive a 2 min prep period. When the prep period has ended, on command, the shooter will load 5 rounds. (Precision rifle) The shooter will load a mag of 10 rounds (Tactical Rifle) The shooter will engage a Walking Fig 12 with 5 rounds. (Precision Rifle) The target will move from the shooters left to right, reverse and go right to left for 40 seconds. After 40 seconds, a Fig 12 and a Fig 11 will be raised from the pits . The shooter will engage with 5 rounds each. (Tactical Rifle)

200 yds Precision Rifle 5 ROUNDS MAX. Tactical Rifle 10 rounds. Tactical, Any position but prone . 70 sec total.

The shooters will receive a 2 min prep period. After the 2 min prep, the load command will be given. At this time, the shooter will load the Precision Rifle with 5 rounds. The shooter will load a 10 rnd mag. (Tactical Rifle) The shooter will fire the Precision Rifle at 3 OF 4 balloons. (EX 1 black balloon, 3 red balloons, the black balloon is the HOSTAGE. THE 3 RED BALLOONS ARE THE TERRORESTS.) The time allowed will be 30 seconds. A 15 point penalty will be given for each hostage hit. After firing 5 rounds, the shooter will move to the Tactical Rifle and fire 10 rnds at the Walking Fig 12. The target will move from the shooters left to right, reverse and move right to left. 40 seconds will be allowed.


100 yds The shooter will fire 10 rounds with the Tactical rifle. 5 – 2 sec snaps. Any Position but prone.

The shooter will receive a 2 min Prep period. After the prep period has expired, the load command will be given. The shooter will assume his position ( any position but prone)and will load a mag of 10 rounds and wait for the target to appear. There will be a 2 sec face, 2 sec edge, a 2 sec face, etc. for 5 faces. The shooter will fire 10 shots.


Pistol 15 rounds each 5 – 3 sec snaps

The shooter will load, on command. The start position will be high ready. The targets will face for 3 sec. edge for 3 sec, face for 3 sec, etc. for 5 faces. The shooter will load on command and wait for the target to face.

In all cases, targets will be placed the same as the shooters, EX: The shooter on the extreme left will be RED lane. The target on the extreme left will be the Red. There are no age of firearm/sight classes in this Precision Rifle – Tactical Match.

Moving Target lead



If you have questions, contact the friendly and agile Elden – Elden email