Rexburg Tactical Rifle Match to 1,000 Yard Shooting

Up to 1,000 Yard Shooting!

From Mr. Señor Elden:Elden email
Next Tactical match will be 27 Feb.  We will be shooting the same 10 targets we used in the Gopher Gun Match.  This match requires that ALL targets must be hit.  Scores will be time only.  You keep shooting until you hit them all.  You may shoot any caliber in the “308 class” which is basically 30-06 and smaller.  243, 6.5 creed, 260.  If you want to shoot       something weird, ask.  I don’t want anything that will destroy my targets.  Attached is a Google Earth that Kooda worked up.  It shows target placement and range determined by GPS.  1000 yard shooting at the 1000yd line.
Golden Gopher