Rexburg Tactical Long Range Precision “Gopher Gun” Match – January 23, 2016

  • A heads up for the January match.  It is going to be a “Gopher Gun” match.  223 and smaller. 
  • 5 targets at KNOWN distance plus 2 GOLDEN GOPHER targets, at known distance, that may stretch your shooting skills.  You won’t need to get a special scope, just use the one you normally make the 800+yard gopher/prairie dog/rock chuck kills you are telling us about in the coffee shops and bars.  The targets won’t even be that far.  Have Santy take back the new Tactical scope and high dollar rifle you were going to get. 
  • The closest target will be out there a little due to the 4000fps+ loads you guys shoot.
  • Details to follow. 
  • If you don’t have a Gopher Gun, you can shoot your 308 class rifle.
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Clark Scott scored a 112 with his .243 for the top score of the day, and Len Morgan a 111 with his “under .224” gun.  Click the above link for details.

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