Team Match – Long Range Precision Rifle – Dec 19th, 2015

This match is a Team Match – Long Range Precision Rifle from 200 yards to 1,175 yards .  Try to get your teams organized before the match.  If you don’t have  a partner lined up but want to shoot, we will fix you up with a partner at the match.

Precision Rifle

Precision Rifle Match


This match tests shooters in hitting smaller, closer targets and larger, more distant targets.  Also it requires team work  and communication between the team members.


FIREARMS:  One of the team members will be required to use a “308 class” rifle.  This shooter will engage the group  of closer targets.  The other team member may shoot any rifle/scope combination.  Unless the team has declared a “gadget” team, no electronic gizmos will be allowed.

Shooters may use shooting mats, spotting scopes.  Teams may choose to use rangefinders, wind meters, etc.  If a team chooses this option, a 5 min. penalty will be added.


Team members will  move their equipment to the line.  When the time starts, shooters may range and engage their designated targets. Each team member will have 6 targets.  Group A targets will be 4X6, 6X8, 8X12, 10X15 and 12X18 and 19.5×24.

Group B targets will be 6 – 20″X40″ E silhouettes.  One team member will  engage “GROUP A” targets with a 308 class rifle, the Group B targets may be engaged with any rifle except 50 cal.

The team member shooting the Group A targets may assist the Group B by shooting Group B targets if necessary only after all Group A targets have been hit.  Shooters may spot for their other team member if needed.  Other teams will spot and score for the teams firing.


This is a timed match.  ALL targets must be hit.  Time will stop when a team has hit all their targets.

Teams that lack the self esteem or skills to have honor, and that instead “take the easy road” by using electronics will have 5 minutes added to their time.  The real shooters will not mock you for this embarrassing choice.

300 Blackout with S&B Long Range Scope
300 Blackout with S&B Long Range Scope – Because?  Why Not!  lol