How To Stay Safe From Terrorist Attacks

The harsh reality is that none of us can completely eliminate all threats of violence.

Will violent people try to harm peaceful people?  Yes, individuals WILL conspire with one another to conduct a special operation in the US targeting civilians in which firearms will be used to shoot as many people as possible in a public place. Other individuals are conspiring to prevent this from occurring, and they will likely continue to prevent many attempts through illegal and inhumane methods.  I invite you to conspire with me to better protect yourself and your family.

What can you, as an individual, do to better protect yourself in terms of places you go?

Below I discuss a number of actions and preventative measures with the primary goal being awareness of places that put you at the greatest risk of being killed by a terrorist.  Keep in mind that the probability of being attacked by a terrorist is very small, even if we hear many news stories about many attacks.  Many of my suggestions are not practical and would require a big lifestyle change.  It is up to each of us to evaluate our personal risk and decide what steps to take.

Stay away from public places, especially those with “gun free zones.”  Even a terrorist that plans to die as part of their attack, hopes to delay this inevitable outcome until he has killed numerous people.  Neither a gun show in Texas nor a Free State Project convention in New Hampshire is likely to be attacked.

At the opposite end of the danger spectrum are government schools, hospitals, churches, sports or other entertainment arenas, theaters and malls.  Think about any store, street or other place where there are dozens or more people within a small area, and that is a “good” target location.

A single  identifiable guard, whether private or a government cop, is not much safety.  They will easily be neutralized at the start.  I am not suggesting that we should stop going grocery shopping, just know that a grocery store with a “gun free zone” sign on the front door places you at a higher risk that a corner market with armed employees.

Consider the sad realities of race and to a lesser extent, poverty.  The press and most Americans are not as offended by black or brown people getting killed, but rich white people?  Oh boy!


How did I come to the above conclusions?  I thought like the opponent, and you can do the same.  Imagine you arrived in the US and met up with a friend, and expect two other people that are “on your team” to join you.  You want to kill at least a dozen people, and hopefully many more.  You don’t want to get shot.  You want the news to travel far and wide about what you have accomplished.  You purchase some pipe, black powder, knives, pepper spray and steal some guns from a cop’s house.  You put them in your minivan and the country is your oyster.  Where do you go?  Why?