Examples of how we can help with your Security needs in Jackson Hole

What have we done and what can we do?

A gentleman and his wife learned of a potential imminent death threat from his adult schizophrenic son from a  previous marriage.  We were able to provide the family with recommendations for reducing their risk and for dealing with an attack without harming the son.

A deca-billionaire family that visits Jackson used us repeatedly to coordinate with their protection team and provide local logistical support.

A successful businessman was concerned that because of his lifestyle, his son was not properly prepared for the “real world” and allowed us to assist in preparing his son to survive and thrive in the event the young man no longer had “family money and support.”  “I want him to make it if our good fortune turns bad.”

A businessman with a billion dollar firm was concerned about security.  He had focused on business growth and had overlooked security for the previous 20+ years, and felt it was time to consider it.  We were able to provide risk assessments including successful security breeches of his headquarters and very-important server room as well as his residence and ranch headquarters.  We provided recommendations, both for small improvement and large improvements as he deemed reasonable.

A family that traveled frequently enjoyed the security of knowing that we were doing home checks 3 times each week of their $20,000,000+ home.  While these home checks were available for $9/day from another “security” provider, our services were viewed as being more appropriate for their investment.

A gentleman learned that his ex-wife might be planning to attend his upcoming wedding uninvited to stir up trouble, and was relieved that we provided personal protection at his home before and after and at the wedding location, all the while posing as a wedding guest.

There is much philanthropy in Jackson Hole, and one of the heavy-hitters is Foster Friess.  Shepard Security Solutions was proud to be selected to provide security at Foster’s 70th Birthday Party at which he and his wife Lynn gave away more than  7.5 million dollars to charity.


The above solutions were designed to meet each client’s needs.

What are YOUR concerns?  Allow us to be your security consultant in Jackson, Wyoming.

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