Jackson Hole Security Services

What Jackson Hole security services are available in 2020? Fortunately, from low-level security to high level executive protection, Teton County Wyoming has many security solutions available from a variety of companies, both cheap and expensive. Forward thinking family leaders recognize and appreciate that uncertainty exists in the world. They take steps to keep their family, … More Jackson Hole Security Services

Executive Protection Pre-Advance Prep for Jackson Hole

I am writing to offer a bit of pre-advance knowledge for executive protection teams beginning internet research prior to doing an advance in Jackson Hole. Our town is very safe and there are not Paparazzi based in our area. Billionaires and celebrities alike walk the streets unmolested at all hours. Of course there is always … More Executive Protection Pre-Advance Prep for Jackson Hole

USC Sniper Challenge 2016

USC SNIPER CHALLENGE 2016 20 AUGUST GENERAL This match is a test of skill for wind reading, range estimation and ballistics. EQUIPMENT Shooters will need a rifle/ scope combination capable of ranging and delivering a shot at ranges that may exceed 1200 yards. You may use a “308 class” rifle caliber in all matches. You … More USC Sniper Challenge 2016